About Us

/Mä NÉ™/ (noun)
Brasilian Portuguese slang for sisters
Mana Threads is the realized dream of 2 Brasilian sisters (Amelia and Carolina) to combine their passion for the outdoor lifestyle of Vermont with their love for the cultural vibrancy and color of Brasil to create a stylish, fun, and expressive brand of female active wear.


mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Mana Threads seeks to create and promote inspiration and individual expression with active wear that blends the undeniable emotional connection with what you wear, to how you feel. Our goal is to deliver unquestionably comfortable clothing (spoiler alert: you move, it moves with you!) that accentuates self-expression and freedom for movement so you can wander, explore, adventure, get lost in life, and then simply rinse and repeat. Most importantly, we strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to create each piece of our clothing; with sustainability, comfort and goodness for all. We truly believe that what you give out, you get in return. And we choose to give out love – for our passions, for others, for our communities and what we believe in. Join us in giving out love for the life you choose to live. Live life out loud. STAND OUT.



mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Combine physical, emotional and commonsensical elements into one exceptional customer experience

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Promote movement-based living and a more mindful connection to ourselves, each other and our dearest Mother Earth.

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Create experiences where passion and purpose collide

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Support our communities and create meaningful relationships with those around us




 mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  We promise to deliver the highest quality 100% of the time. Period.

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  We promise to gently nudge you to inspire yourself and others.

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  We promise to help you create more memories and (hopefully) collect less things. We promise to always give back to our  communities.

mana-threads-180pixel-300dpi-sticker-copy.jpg  Most importantly, we promise to embrace YOU with open arms and uncluttered hearts.




The process from start to finish has been a journey that the ladies of Mana Threads are proud of and excited to bring to women searching for differentiation in their clothing. The slogan of the brand Mana Threads says it all... “Stand-Out” ... express yourself in all that you do, not just in your activities, but in how you live your life. It’s how Amelia and Carolina want to live their lives. They believe in giving back to the local community, being involved and active with their families and friends, and in doing things with passion and vigor. Embrace who you are and express yourself through your style...we are Mana Threads !!