Keeping the Streak Alive

Keeping the Streak Alive

Posted by Rachel Cohen on 30th Jul 2017

Ever since she was twelve years old, running has been a critical habit for our ambassador Bethany. Twenty years of running both on teams and simply for her love of the activity has made her intimately aware of how her body responds to the demands of her passion-- and it has shaped the lifestyle she and her husband actively pursue together.

Today, this ten-time Boston Marathon finisher lives only three blocks from the famed Boylston Street finish line, and every day she passes through the intersection she fixates on for much of the year in her training. It’s also the race in which her husband chose to propose at the starting line in 2009, right before his very first marathon with her!

On Training

“I use my own training plan. I only take my own advice when it comes to running. I push myself and challenge myself. I do most long runs all by myself, which I love. I usually just run back and forth over a 3-4 mile stretch. I just like to run and am happy to be running anywhere whether it be good scenery, a track, back and forth or staring at a wall!”

On Getting Engaged in Hopkinton

“We went for a walk before the start to try and warm up a little. As if the half hour before a race is not nerve wracking enough...he got down on one knee! I live in Boston and pass so many friends at different places along the course...I really know where I am once I get to the Newton firehouse because that’s where I run a lot, and once I hit the Audubon circle I know like 50 people because it’s my neighborhood. So I could to show them the ring along the race course!”

On the Disney World Marathon

“It’s a fun thing. My husband and I run it together. It’s a vacation, a fun thing to do together. It was also my husband’s first sub-4 hour marathon. I'm not sure he knew how close we were to that goal until I told him just after 24 miles. I told him to trust me with the pacing and he did. The last mile and a half I kept turning my head and looking over at him, watching him run. I still remember what he was wearing and can still see that image of him so clearly. We were both so happy!”

On Taking Care of Her Body

“Injury prevention- that’s what the trick is. Unfortunately people take advice from everywhere and it can be hard to separate yourself from what you hear. A lot of people get injured and can’t make it to their goal. I want to still be running when I’m 60, 70, 80 so I’m not going to ruin that right now.

Believe it or not, people still tell me, ‘You should run more, you could be so much faster!’ But I don’t listen-- I’d rather have a 5-hour marathon than a 3- and have plantar fasciitis.”

On Husband-Wife Rivalry

“I hold the PR in every distance-- except for 100 mile ‘cause I’ve never done it! And I’m letting him keep that one!”

On Social Media

Social media has not been great for everyone. A lot of people want a cool story; people want likes and that can lead to injury. People run in dangerous weather or go out and do crazy milage and say ‘OMG I’m injured how did this happen?!’”

On a Naked 5K 

My most memorable race-- hands down. It was in Michigan and you could choose naked or clothed. At the start you went right if you wanted to stay clothed, left if you wanted to do it naked. At the end there was a tent with wine, everyone was all naked, and somehow it wasn’t weird at all!

On New Goals

“I’m definitely doing Boston again next year, then I want to do an international race! I’ll do anything-- but hopefully next year we’ll go abroad, maybe Switzerland. I’m intrigued by the landscape, I love mountains, so getting away from city somewhere really rural is appealing to me. I’m just happy to run.”