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Over the last few weeks it seems like my feed is a steady stream of videos and images that celebrate the strength and persistence of women in the outdoors. Women who are pushing their bodies to the limits, defying cultural and social norms with every step, kick and turn. I can't shake the narration and images in these three videos. They've seeped into my own training and daydreaming...

1. Nepali trail runner Mira Rai was recently crowned Nat Geo's Adventurer of the Year. Her resilience and grit in the face of unimaginable circumstance is what captivated me. 

2. Allison Glock of ESPN wrote the poem called "When I Play" that she later turned into this moving film. I feel you, Allison. "When I play I know who I am." Enough said. 

3. And finally, this rad pair of local skiers out of Jackson Hole is tearing up some of the biggest lines on the mountain. Can we come?!

Here's to a weekend of getting after your yellow zone-- wherever your sneakers, skis or sandals take you. 

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