Capri Wave Rider - Borboleta

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The Capri Wave Rider is our 2nd generation Capri with just a little twist on our favorite “Rider” style. Inspired by Amelia’s passion for surfing…just check out the shape of the waist-band...the Wave Rider keeps with our mantra of great fit and super cool patterns.  These pants provide a light compression and cut that is designed to provide support while flattering your body in the ways we all want:)

We make our clothes to make you feel great and to STAND-OUT in all of your activities.  The microfiber - Spandex blend provides great breathability in a lightweight and cool pant.  Whether you hit the waves or just want a cool pant to cruise the town the Wave Rider will keep up with your life and have you looking and feeling great.

Clothing Details

  • Sits high on the waist
  • Hand-made at our Mana location in Sao Paulo Brasil