Fabric Information

My sister and I strive to bring our customers exceptional fabrics through our line of hand-made Brasilian active wear.  We started this brand because we wanted fun clothing to rock out in for all of our activities...and we have a lot of activities!!  That's why you'll find that all of our clothes are made from fabrics that look and feel great and offer exceptional performance for all of your actitivies too:)

There are 4 key attributes that we balance for all of our fabric choices;

  1. Breathability - high performance micro-fibers that wick sweat away from your body and quickly dry
  2. Feel - light and soft to the touch with the right blend of compression to keep everything in place
  3. Quality - microfiber technology for lasting color, fit, and durability
  4. Aesthetics - you won't find our style - pattern combos anywhere!  Our goal is fit, feel, and looks...everytime for every activity!

All of our fabric selections combine nylon microfibers with spandex blends to provide the optimal blend of support, flexibility, and comfort.

We select only the highest quality fabrics and patterns with some of the brand names we work with listed below to give you confidence that your Mana Threads are top quality active wear!

  • Supplex® is a nylon created by Invista and offers the feel of cotton with the strength and durability of nylon.  The advanced fiber technology makes Supplex flexible and lightweight.  Unlike cotton, Supplex fabrics do not easily shrink or crease.  They are anti-abrasive, breathable, shape-holding, durable, color retaining, and quick drying.  When combined with Spandex or Lycra®, Supplex® provides the optimal blend of support, flexibility, feel, and durability.


  • Fluity® is a nylon microfiber (Amni) / LYCRA blend that is very soft and light.  This fabric creates a sensation of elegance with its cool and flowing feel.   


  • New Zealand fabrics are a nylon microfiber (Amni) / LYCRA blend that provide a perfect blend of compression and that soft and cool feel we all love!  These high performance microfiber blends were created for rapid wicking of sweat and humidity from your body to the air, leaving you cool and dry.  Some of the fabrics also contain UV protection properties.


  • LYCRA® is a synthetic elastane fiber created by Invista that can stretch up to six times its length and return to its original state – time and again. LYCRA® fibers have redefined comfort, fit, freedom of movement, and shape retention since their inception.  Combined with the nylon brands in our clothing Lycra provides the flexibility and compression which provide that great performance and fit we work so hard to provide!


  • New Trip® is another one of our high performing microfiber fabrics.  This material offers the fit and feel that you want in clothing for everyday wear, but has the breathability and quick drying you want in a performance fabric. This fabric is very light and cool to the touch with just a slight amount of compression.