Meet the team


Our Resident Nonconformist, Adrenaline-Seeking, Trailblazing Leader:

Amelia Leme


Amelia moved from Brasil to Vermont in 2008 and over the next 6 years developed a passion for the active lifestyle that Vermont provided. A personal trainer, avid SUP surfer and mountain biker, Amelia is always looking for the next wave or trail. It was through her search for active wear to compliment her lifestyle that the idea of having her own clothing line was born. Amelia is always looking for fun and exciting adventures but fell short when trying to find a clothing style that followed suit. Seeing an opportunity to combine her passion with purpose, Amelia felt pushed to act. With ambition, persistence and her sister (in Brasil) at her side, Mana Threads was soon born.


Our Non-Resident, Creative Genius, Multi-tasking Superhero:

Anna Carolina


In 2013 Amelia connected with her sister Carolina and floated the idea of a partnership; they both design the clothes, but Carolina makes the clothing in Brasil and Amelia markets and sells Mana Threads throughout the United States. The key element and core principle of their business was to have their own line of clothing where Amelia and Carolina have control of and are intimately involved with all facets of the mass production! They pick the fabrics and create the designs for each collection and work directly with their own seamstresses to offer unique styles to their customers. The name Mana Threads fit naturally as this idea developed into a brand as a result of these two sisters coming together to realize their combined vision. 


Rachel Cohen


Rachel Cohen is the fitness, food, and endurance junkie behind ManaWholeAthlete. A cross-country mountain biker and triathlete, Rachel juggles a desire to spend as much time as possible hitting the pavement (err...dirt roads and trails) with her job as a high school history teacher. Check out the Mana Whole Athlete blog for her weekly musings.